How I Failed Forward With GDI Until I Found Success

GDI is not a strange name to anyone who has been online for over 3 years. Many of us have been doing some kind of online biz for well over 10 years, so you probably know by now what Global Domains International is all about.

Here is my brief history with GDI.

Like many people, I joined GDI years ago, asking myself how hard could it be to sell a $10/month business, bearing in mind that the incentive was the potential to earn $1000’s per month in commissions and bonuses.
Well!  I failed miserably.

How to Fail at Something but keep trying until you succeed
I do not even remember now if I made any sales during my first GDI-trial by fire. What I do remember though, is that during another less-than-lucid moment, I did it again! Don’t ask me to elaborate on the second time. I have managed to sublimate the details of that experience, and nothing will pry them loose at this time! Maybe hypnosis will, but I won’t take the chance.
So in their 17-year history, I joined the company twice and failed twice. But that is not why I am writing this bit of below-the-median history.

Let me quickly answer the one question you must have by now.
Why would I do it a third time?
Are you crazy Anthony?

That’s two questions..but let’s move on.
To be fair to you, I did ask myself that first question, and more than once too.   No;  I am not crazy.

Our Reason For Being – My Take

I firmly believe that one of the reasons we are here on this planet, is to learn wisdom by experience. Before you accuse me of wasting that opportunity, hear me out.

I did manage to learn something. As a marketing student, I learned that one of the pillars of success in affiliate marketing is to create your own marketing systems and never rely on the company-issued marketing materials, no matter how impressive they may be. If you do not have a different/unique system, find someone who can do it for you; preferably free!


Reasons Not to Use Company-Issued Marketing Materials

There will always be thousands of affiliates who are using the same materials (landing pages, etc) as you are, and your chances of standing out from among them and making sales are greatly diminished.
How many times have you surfed traffic exchanges and seen the same ads over and over again? How many of those ‘me-too’ ads have you clicked on? Don’t answer that! It is a rhetorical question.

Chances are, you did not click on too many of them. When you see something new, fresh, and intriguiging however, you are likely to pause long enough to check it out.

The same can be said for many other kinds of online marketing. If your site looks like everybody elses, you will not get much attention.

But that is not the whole story

What finally convinced me to join GDI for a third time was the awesome support of a very generous marketer who was gracious enough to offer me and every single person I will ever refer to GDI, the following:

(1) New Capture Page and landing page
(2) Total integration with Aweber Auto-responder
(3) Personalized Follow-up email Series already done
(4) Initial Traffic Boost to get me going

After joining GDI for the third time, and unlike the other times, my job has chanced. This time around, I simply do the following:
1. Learn how the system works so I can help others
2. Drive qualified traffic to the capture page.

So let me answer your next question before you ask.

“Is it working”?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Here are my GDI results so far:

1. 3 Personal sign-ups with a 4th coming in today
2. Total downline of 5 people in around 10 days
3. 30 People on my Aweber list which grows daily!
4. I am already qualified for the $25 Learning Bonus
5. Looking to qualify for my first $100 weekly bonus

Officially, the only thing I have paid for within the GDI network is my first month’s subscription of $11. The extra buck is for domain ownership security (hiding my home address, etc. from Whois searches) Aweber offers a 30-day free trial and I am still on that

As impressive as all of this sound, it pales in comparision to the final reason I actually joined GDI for a third time. All of the above reasons would not cause me to budge without a B-I-G incentive. Here is the big incentive.

GDI Has a huge Income Potential of $9,000/m and more and it won’t take years to achieve this either!
So I have shared my story without hype. Over the years I have tested headlines and I know that HYPE sells. At least it gets a better click through rate.

However, truth is always a better option because the person who is swayed more by truth than by hype is a better potential business partner.

I am looking for new partners to join me in GDI, so even if you joined GDI twice already, like I did, there is still room for one final foray.

This time the odds are stacked in your favour. Let’s do it together.


To your success,

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